public arts testimonials


Newnham College Cambridge

“Redeveloping our kitchens, buttery and related spaces gave us our first introduction to “Public Art”. We had to find an expert in architectural glass to transform ten huge picture windows along the Sidgwick Avenue frontage into works of art. The windows face north – they need to let in as much light as possible and to provide some degree of privacy for people using the Buttery while at the same time packing a real visual punch both for passers-by on the street and for those within the College.

We found our expert! Beverly’s public art work for Tower Hamlets first drew our attention, and she was the artist we chose after a rigorous selection process. She absorbed the history and atmosphere of the College and translated our aspirations into a vibrant reality, giving dramatic impact both inside and out. It was a great pleasure working with Beverly – her combination of professionalism and fun was truly a delight!”

Frances Hazlehurst
Newnham College Cambridge

“Beverly was initially selected from a Crafts Council list as a suitable candidate to enter a limited competition for the design of the new Student Buttery windows at Newnham College Cambridge. Beverly went on to win the competition and worked with the College over a six-month period to hone her designs for the art glass windows which have now been installed at the College.

The windows form a public art contribution for the project. They face Sidgwick Avenue, the main approach road to the College and are highly visible to both the occupants and the general public. They define the interior space, providing drama at night when seen from outside, as well as privacy for the occupants of the dining room.

The College selected Beverly as she understood their aspirations for the glass design and she showed the selection panel how their aspiration might be converted into a piece of art. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. Beverly produced full size drawings of the large windows and samples of the glass cutting and etching techniques to communicate the design ideas. She was flexible in her approach and was willing to discuss variations to her initial concepts which were developed into the final piece.

It was a great pleasure working with Beverly on this project.”

David Emond
R H Partnership Architects
94 Chesterton Road
Cambridge CB4 1ER

Hackney Free and Parochial School – Jerusalem Space

“Hackney Free and Parochial Church of England School has created a faith space within the school – to be known as the Jerusalem Space – for use by students, staff, parents and the local church. The project brings together work by four artists, successfully creating a space that is both harmonious and inspiring.

For the art work to be shown to its full potential, the lighting of the space was given a great deal of thought and planning. Beverly Bryon of Prisms Glass, located in the north west London artists’ studio community, Kingsgate Workshops, was commissioned to design three square windows for the space.

Beverly visited the school on a number of occasions and was in regular contact to share ideas, and to ensure that her design work was in keeping with the spirit of the space. In this she was successful. She was careful to consider all the factors affecting the space and produced a design that is both consistent and echoes themes already present in the space.

She has created windows with a ‘light touch’ in the sense that they lead the worshipper, or any individual enjoying a moment of free time, to remain focused on the objects within the room rather than upon the windows. The windows, while simply beautiful in themselves, are not viewed as separate entities but rather as a single, harmonious, triptych of light. Through her adroit design the windows are transformed into a trinity of luminescence, inter-linked by a flowing milky ribbon of light to lend a wonderful dynamic of movement.

The windows draw one’s eye into the room, allowing the beauty of natural light to play on the panes and then upon the forms within the space to add still further to the grace of the room. The windows complete the space and contribute significantly to sustaining the aura of peace and stillness which has been created here.”

Mark Brokenshire
Head of Religious Studies
Hackney Free and Parochial Church of England School