Through consultation and or fabrication it is always a privilege for Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon to collaborate with other artists on their projects; assisting to transform their ideas and designs into the magical medium of glass. These opportunities often present new challenges and refreshingly new ways of working.

The Royal Free Hospital – ‘The Meditating Brain’

I collaborated with artist Tom Wilkinson to create this piece for the Royal Free Hospital – ‘The Meditating Brain’. A female member of the radiology department had an MRI scan whilst meditating. This became the basis of the image used in the piece.

600 complexly-shaped pieces of glass were cut with a water jet and used in this piece. As well as consulting on the project, I soldered the panel together using the Tiffany copper-foil technique to accommodate the intricate shapes.

Backlit on the wall of the Radiology reception area, it has been much-admired.

Proposal for St. John’s Church, Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk – ‘Stations of the Cross’

I worked with artist Mark Cazalet on ‘Stations of the Cross’; two fused glass ‘roundels’ based on one of his paintings for St. John’s Church, Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk. The left-hand side roundel is Mark’s and the right-hand side roundel is my interpretation. Although we did not win the commission, it was an interesting experiment to have two artists working on the same image.

Manchester Cathedral – ‘Flight’

I worked with artist Mark Cazelet to create three stained glass windows – ‘Flight’ 2014 for Fraser’s Chapel, Manchester Cathedral (150cm x 200cm).

“Beverly acted as consultant, technician, cutter, fabricator and solderer. A wonderful collaboration that was very fruitful and enjoyable.”

Mark Cazelet