Prisms Glass - Beverly Bryon -

Architectural Glass

Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon

was founded by artist-designer Beverly Bryon and has been established for over 25 years.

Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon

works to commission for private, corporate and ecclesiastical clients on a wide variety of projects.

Commissions include period work, as well as exciting contemporary designs to create art works, both residential and private, as well as Public Arts commissions. The highest standard of work is always maintained, consulting each client as work progresses and encouraging their involvement.

Beverly Bryon is experienced in interpreting complex briefs as well as more modest projects. The results are strong designs that sit happily in their setting, and are always sensitive to a client’s brief.

Consideration of the site is also always an important factor guiding

Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon

to ensure each piece is appropriate to its context, be it in a public or private setting.

Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon

uses a variety of techniques, with an ability to combine them in harmonious and uniquely creative ways.


Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon – skills, concepts and sectors



•   Fused glass
•   Sandblasted glass
•   Deep-carved glass
•   Kiln-formed glass
•   UV Bonding
•   Stained Glass
•   Tiffany copper-foiling


•   Screens
•   Windows
•   Skylights
•   Mirrors
•   Lighting
•   Bowls


•   Public Arts
•   Architects
•   Interior Designers
•   Offices
•   Schools
•   Restaurants/Bars
•   Private/Residential