Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon –

Architectural Glass

Glass art for public arts projects, restaurants, offices, universities, religious buildings and homes; designed and made by Beverly Bryon.

My commissions include period works, as well as exciting contemporary designs, for residential and Public Arts projects.

Experienced in interpreting complex briefs, as well as more modest projects, I create strong designs which are sensitive to my client’s brief and sit happily in their setting. I always maintain the highest standard of work; consulting and involving clients throughout the creative process.

My clients include architects and interior designers as well as individuals who want to enjoy the beauty of glass.

Homes and Gardens – Ideal Home magazine
The Victoria and Albert Museum – Period Homes
Evening Standard Guide – Best Magazine
Ideas & Inspirations – Fantasy Rooms
Stained Glass (Design Source Book) – Design4Living
RIBA Interiors Sector Review

CGS Creative Glass Society – University of the Arts Alumni Association

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I use a variety of techniques, with an ability to combine them in harmonious and uniquely creative ways.


Prisms Glass – Beverly Bryon – skills, concepts and sectors



•   Fused glass
•   Sandblasted glass
•   Deep-carved glass
•   Kiln-formed glass
•   UV Bonding
•   Stained Glass
•   Tiffany copper-foiling


•   Screens
•   Windows
•   Skylights
•   Mirrors
•   Lighting
•   Bowls


•   Public Arts
•   Architects
•   Interior Designers
•   Offices
•   Schools
•   Restaurants/Bars
•   Private/Residential